In Which a Cartoon Bunny Is Adorable

As you may have noticed, I recently saw Disney’s Zootopia. It was fantastic. In the video above, Byron Howard, a director of Zootopia, demonstrates how to draw Judy Hopps, the film’s bunny protagonist.

You apparently start with an S for snake—excuse me, I mean a shape like a gumdrop. Once you have sketched that gumdrop shape, you draw the rest of the bunny’s face. Simple, no?

In this regard, drawing a cartoon bunny follows pretty much the same process as for drawing an owl:

How to draw an owlIn seriousness, the video gives excellent step-by-step instructions for drawing Disney’s most adorable character yet. It also gives a shout out to the great Glen Keane, who animated some of Disney’s most memorable characters.

My younger brother, who is quite an artist, has taken to drawing pictures on little pieces of notebook paper and leaving them for me on my desk. He decided to sketch Judy Hopps after watching this video. That picture is now tucked into my lampshade with some of his other sketches. At this very moment, backlit by my lamp, Judy Hopps beams down at me with bright benevolence, threatening to stop my heart with her staggering cuteness.

Heck, I shouldn’t have said that. It was insensitive, and I apologize.

4 thoughts on “In Which a Cartoon Bunny Is Adorable

  1. Okay, I finally got to see it so I could watch the video. 😛

    I like that he started animating at the end! Pretty much classic 2D animator. You put us down at a nice animation desk and give us more than one piece of punched paper and we’re going to animate something or other, ha ha. 😉 I could watch someone draw like that all day long. I really wished the video kept going and he did the next key. I imagine it would have been a wide-eyed expression. Something like but superior in every way considering he is a pro and a friend of Glen Keane. 🙂 Animation is the best!

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