427. Give Me Your Best Coffee Tips!

I recently decided that I want to visit Seattle. By all accounts, this rain-drenched city is populated largely by coffee-obsessed hipsters. It sounds like my kind of place.


Yes, I drink a lot of coffee. Anyone who has known me for more than five minutes is aware of this. For all of my jokes about it, the truth is that I do really love the stuff.

That said, I don’t know much about it. This is a little odd, especially considering that I’m something of an amateur expert on tea, my other liquid addiction. I even wrote a post sharing my best tea tips. When I considered writing a similar guide for coffee, I quickly realized I don’t actually know much about it.

Latte artAt some point, when I’ve shaved a mile or two off my reading list, I’ll find a good coffee guide. For now, dear reader, I invite you to share whatever tips, tricks, and techniques you have for brewing coffee. Give me your best advice. Enlighten me. I won’t guarantee that I’ll accept every piece of advice, but I’ll certainly consider all of it!

Now, dear reader, I humbly yield the stage to you.

What are your best tips for choosing, brewing, or flavoring coffee? Let us know in the comments, or tweet at me!

2 thoughts on “427. Give Me Your Best Coffee Tips!

  1. My only coffee tip is it’s expensive and bitter, so drink tea instead. 😛

    Also I’ve never seen more people get addicted to a drug as those around me are to coffee and its caffeine. Like, they literally can’t operate without it. It’s nuts! Why do that to yourself? Boggles my mind. Still, to each their own. I’m sure others would be similarly aghast at my propensity towards Disney Trading Pins. 😛

    • Coffee is invigorating, universally available, and healthy in moderation. As one of the world’s most ubiquitous social lubricants, it brings together all kinds of people. Even name-brand coffee is fairly cheap if one brews it at home instead of depending on overpriced coffeehouses. Some of us really like the flavor of coffee. Every way I look at it, coffee is a good thing!

      Disney Trading Pins are also pretty cool. 🙂 I have just one, a Kingdom Hearts pin, which someone gave me as a birthday gift a year or two ago. I would buy more, along with some of Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines, but my collecting compulsions are pretty much satisfied by my extensive collections of machetes and sugar packets.

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