Phoenix Wright Is Back

Dash it, Phoenix. I missed you. Welcome back.

It’s been more than five years since Phoenix Wright, the sarcastic and spiky-haired star of the (surprisingly fun) Ace Attorney games, has defended the innocent in court. Tomorrow marks his triumphant return to the courtroom as a defense attorney in the latest Ace Attorney game. I expect it to be full of clever crimes, plot twists, great music, sarcastic quips and melodramatic objections.

In celebration of this long-awaited occasion, here’s a brief recap of Wright’s early years.

2 thoughts on “Phoenix Wright Is Back

  1. Are you going to play it soon? And if you had, what are your thoughts on it? I’ve heard pretty much nothing but wonderful things about the game, so I’m pretty pumped!

    • I’m currently on the second case. The game is wonderful. 😀 It polishes the classic Ace Attorney formula, adds a few new features and does a great job so far of generally being awesome.

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