96. Author Stuff

My novel, The Trials of Lance Eliot, is less than a month away from publication, and I’m suddenly busy with author stuff. These miscellaneous tasks—setting up a book blog, creating a Facebook page, gathering reviews and so on—are essential to launching a writing career.

To be honest, author stuff and self-promotion make me feel uncomfortable. However, Doug TenNapel, a writer and artist, once made a statement that has helped me to see things in a different light.

“I have no problem with shameless self-promotion. It’s not for my good, it’s for you. I like making stuff. It’s not as fun to make stuff if people don’t see it. Entertainers entertain.”

No other project on which I’ve ever worked has been so important to me as The Trials of Lance Eliot, and I’d love for people to read it.

Even though self-promotion is kind of awkward, I’ve decided to throw myself wholeheartedly into author stuff. If the novel is successful, it will give me the freedom to keep writing novels—which would be amazing.

I began writing The Trials of Lance Eliot six years ago, when I was just a high school sophomore. The first draft was terrible, so I quit halfway through and started over. I actually finished the second draft of the novel. Realizing I could do much better, I set aside the second draft and began again. The third draft was nearly half done when I realized it had some major flaws. I started a fourth draft, which grew into the novel soon to be released.

I’ve invested a lot in The Trials of Lance Eliot—and I’m not the only one. My agent pitched the novel to a number of publishers. My old man created the novel’s artwork. Writers gave me critiques, readers gave me reviews and one kindly professor gave me a coffee cup.

Most recently, I’ve been honored and touched by the support my friends and acquaintances on Facebook have shown for the novel.

I want to make The Trials of Lance Eliot a success, but I can’t do it alone.

If you’re interested in giving the novel a boost—awesome. Spread the word! The novel is tentatively scheduled to be released on July 2 as an e-book online, and later as a paperback through Amazon.com.

One last thing: Lance Eliot would never have made it this far without the encouragement, help and support of many people. To all those people I’d like to say two things.

You’re awesome, and Thank you.

2 thoughts on “96. Author Stuff

  1. If you haven’t stumbled across Michael Hyatt’s blog recently I highly recommend it. I started reading it when Jon Acuff did a guest post and a contest (I found your blog through Jon Acuff too, but I can’t remember, did you do a guest post? or was it just because you left great comments?). Michael has a lot of great posts about building your platform as an author. As well as practical tools for self promoters.

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