425. Stealing Ideas Is Wrong (so Borrow Them Instead)

Today’s post wound up on someone else’s blog. Hey, don’t give me that look. Bloggers sometimes misplace their posts. It happens. Don’t judge me.

My friend JK Riki wrote the book on creativity. (This isn’t just a figure of speech; he wrote a literal book on the subject.) He also writes a monthly newsletter with creative tips, and a personal blog on creativity.

JK's blog header

When I got an opportunity to write a post for JK’s blog, I wrote about J.R.R. Tolkien, because of course I did.

My latest post, “Stealing Ideas Is Wrong (so Borrow Them Instead),” can be read here!

2 thoughts on “425. Stealing Ideas Is Wrong (so Borrow Them Instead)

  1. It’s weird seeing my face on someone else’s blog. 😛

    Thanks again for the guest post! Even if you were paid off to do it, lol. In water, no less!

    Just think, in a few short months (or, like a year) you will have to resort to writing only guest posts! But you will spread across the Internet like a wildfire, unconstrained and blazing brightly. And you won’t have to do it three times a week, I guess. (Maybe you should leave this blog open so people know when you’ve posted a guest post someplace else? Or I guess there’s Twitter… but sometimes people miss tweets.)

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