424. A Gentle Request

I don’t have a blog post for you today. What I have is a gentle request.

Today is Be Nice to Someone on the Internet Day. Please consider using the two minutes you might have spent reading a new post on this blog to show a person on the Internet a little kindness.

Grumpy Cat

I invite you to go to someone’s personal profile, account, channel, blog, or webpage, and leave an uplifting comment. Send someone an encouraging message, note, tweet, or email. Make someone’s day!

Go forth, dear reader! Be nice to someone on the Internet! Thanks for reading, and Godspeed!

2 thoughts on “424. A Gentle Request

  1. Adam, love your transparency, your sense of humor and your heart for the underdog and forgotten. I’m going to miss your simian scribes, but I’m glad you’ll continue to use your talents. Write on!

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