Mickey Mouse in Mexico

I never did trust piñatas. After so many generations of being beaten by children with sticks, it was only a matter of time before they struck back.

Incidentally, I’m glad Disney is still making Mickey Mouse cartoons. It’s nice to see that this juggernaut of mass media, which now owns everything from Marvel Comics to Star Wars, hasn’t forgotten the little mouse that started it all.

2 thoughts on “Mickey Mouse in Mexico

  1. *puts on self-righteous animator’s hat*

    A little rabbit named Oswald started it all. Mickey only came along after someone stole the rights to that character, and it was because someone stole Oswald that Disney worked so hard on future Mickey toons. The mouse was essentially a carbon copy of the rabbit with different ears, which were specifically done so that animators could trace a quarter, nickle, and two dimes instead of having to draw perfect circles every frame. He is essentially a product of mass-production, revenge, and laziness.

    *takes off hat and feels same old shame that always accompanies hat*

    Mickey is the best, though. After they moved away from the tracing of coins, he really took on such heart and soul. http://video.disney.com/watch/mickey-and-the-seal-4be387e88cd10a0e1266b068

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