They’ll Make a Man Out of You

I haven’t heard such a rockin’ arrangement of “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” since… well, the last one. This epic number from Disney’s Mulan has been my favorite since I was just a kid. (I’m not sure it made a man out of me, but then I’m not sure anything ever will.) This arrangement from guitar duo With Ether is flipping fantastic. Bonus points to Al Poon, the gentleman on the right, for wearing what appears to be a lampshade.

I’ve lately listened to a lot of With Ether’s music on YouTube; it’s a great soundtrack for blogging. They’ve arranged a lot of songs from video games and pop culture, in addition to writing some sweet original stuff. Among my favorites are their versions of the Sherlock theme, Metal Gear Solid music, and one of the catchiest songs from Shovel Knight.

These people. These people. Thank you, With Ether, and all the rest of you Internet people who make cool stuff.

4 thoughts on “They’ll Make a Man Out of You

  1. Ah such a glorious song/movie. I still tear up upon watching the montage with the music playing behind it.

    This version was nice, but a LITTLE bit overproduced for me. It bugs me greatly when the audio doesn’t quite sync up and you can tell some parts were not recorded live, or, at least, severely digitally altered afterward. I know, I know, everything is altered these days… But still, it pokes at my nerves to watch when that’s the case… I suppose I am just a grumpy old man about that stuff.

  2. This song has been a personal favorite of mine since I was little. I was actually thinking of doing a guitar cover of this song with my friend.. HAHA! Great song, and even better as a rendition.

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