Out of Ideas

Creativity is hardThe struggle is real.

Errol Elumir is a geek, and formerly the owlish half of musical duo Debs & Errol. He draws a daily webcomic, My Neighbor Errol, chronicling his day-to-day life with his crabby daughters and ever-patient wife. The comic is written with self-aware humor and sprinkled with geeky references. (Yes, there’s quite a lot of My Neighbor Totoro, which is how it should be.) While the art is simple, relying on reused assets and plain backgrounds, I enjoy my daily dose of humor from the Elumir family.

Heck, Errol’s enthusiasm for Studio Ghibli’s mascot led me earlier this year to acquire a new neighbor of my own.

This is your fault, Mr. Elumir.

This is your fault, Mr. Elumir.

Blogging and web cartooning are different media, but they have a lot in common. For example, they update consistently, requiring a steady stream of ideas for new comics or blog posts. Like Errol, I sometimes run out of ideas.

However, every time I think I’ve finally exhausted my options, something new occurs to me. Necessity is called the mother of invention, but it’s more like an aunt. The mother of invention is desperation.

Errol pokes fun at himself for exploiting his daughters for comedy, but I think there’s quite a difference between exploiting something and merely saying of it, as I often say of things, “Heh, that’s pretty funny.” My Neighbor Errol is a funny webcomic, and gave me one more idea of something to write for this blog.

That said, now I’m out of ideas. Flipping heck.

6 thoughts on “Out of Ideas

  1. There’s always more Gabriel Green stories *COUGH COUGH HINT HINT* 😉

    I know what you mean, though. It can be a struggle sometimes. What helps me a lot with that is to write a TON when I’m in that mindset, and then I have backups. Takes some extra time, but it’s worth it. And hey, you can always post comics you draw. The fact that you don’t draw often is what would make that interesting! 🙂

    • I have ideas for at least one or two more Gabriel Green stories. I would like to spin out his star-crossed career into a short story series, but for now, I have other commitments.

      I’ve tried writing a ton of posts at one time — Jon Acuff, a successful blogger, recommends it — but my writing process is pretty slow, and I generally burn out after one or two posts.

      As for comics… I’ll leave that to the experts, yourself included!

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