A Geek Love Song

A better version of this song sans video can be heard here.

Well, St. Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us. ‘Tis the season for glitter-encrusted cards, nagging advertisements, candy hearts that taste like quinine, romantic comedies and grocery store aisles decked out in pink, red and white. It is a time for single people to feel self-conscious, and for people in relationships to feel stressed.

These are the times that try men’s souls. It is on such dark, hopeless occasions as St. Valentine’s Day—yes I am being sarcastic—we need the encouragement and strength of a love song for geeks. Debs and Errol, geeky musicians extraordinaire, are here to help!

In the video above, Errol sings of how to say I love you in various geeky languages. Anyone can say it in English, but how about Sindarin, Pig Latin, Huttese, lolcat (which I consider a legitimate dialect) or binary?

Geeky humor aside, in this season of candy hearts and commercial hype, I think we sometimes forget to let our loved ones know we love them. It’s no bad thing to be reminded to say “I love you” occasionally… though I suggest saying it in English!

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