How It Feels to Grow Up

I dislike many things about adulthood, but I’ll be the first to admit it has its perks. As an adult, I get to eat anything I want. (What I want, apparently, is apples, sandwiches, and the occasional pie.) I am the master of my household, free to arrange and decorate my apartment however I like. (What I like, it seems, is machetes, plushies, and video game posters.) Like the young gentleman in the comic above, I have both a car and the license to drive “wherever my heart desires.” (What my heart desires, more often than not, is to stay home.)

Being a grownup is exciting. It brings freedom and independence. In time, however, the privileges of adulthood become commonplace. No longer a triumphant emblem of autonomy, my car has become the quickest way to run errands, get to work, or grab burgers at McDonald’s. While never losing their value, the perks of growing up lose some of their magic.

All the same, I must say, being a grownup is pretty sweet.

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