342. A Grateful Post

You’ve done it, you wonderful readers, you.

Some of my dear readers and I worked together over Christmas to raise money for Living Water International, an organization that provides clean water for people in impoverished areas. We also raised money for Child’s Play, a charity that gives toys and video games to kids in hospitals. All said, we donated $450 USD.

We did it, guys.

The clean water fundraiser has finally ended its longer-than-originally-planned run, and I have some readers to thank!

Charity logos Because of these awesome people, the world has become a better, wetter, brighter place.

  • First of all, there were a bunch of anonymous donors. If any of you are reading this: Thank you!
  • I would like give Ian Adams a shout out for his generosity. Thanks so much, Ian, for your support!
  • Amy Green took a break from blogging, baking cookies, and generally being awesome to support one of these fundraisers. Thanks, Amy! (The rest of you should go read her blog, The Monday Heretic, immediately. I aspire someday to be as good a blogger as Amy.)
  • I want to thank Logan and Kristi Drillien for their support. Thank you, Kristi and Logan! (By the way, the Drilliens’ friend Errol started a webcomic a few weeks ago, and I’m really enjoying it. If you have a sense of humor and/or a soul, you should check out My Neighbor Errol.)
  • Besides donating to one of its fundraisers, JK Riki has supported TMTF in about ten thousand other ways. I’m still amazed and touched by your kindness, JK. Thank you so much! (The rest of you should check out JK’s blog: Life, Art, and Monkeys. He’s also written a couple of guest posts for TMTF!)
I'm still not sure I trust JK's monkeys around any of mine, though.

I’m still not sure I trust JK’s monkeys around any of mine, though.

Finally, I want to thank the rest of my dear readers for sticking around this blog! I mean it when I say a writer has no greater joy than to be read, and I appreciate every one of you.

Is it just me, or did it get really sentimental in here? I’d better open a window.

3 thoughts on “342. A Grateful Post

  1. If I might second “The Monday Heretic” I would like to do so. Even in the midst of a month posting on feminism (which can be a touchy subject) I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Amy’s blog!

    Good job at banding people together, Adam! And for a good cause and everything, not just to, say, argue about whether a dress is a certain color. 🙂 Using the Internet for good!

      • Soon isn’t soon enough. Literally one day of it had me tearing my hair out. I don’t think I’d mind so much if it was a GOOD PICTURE, but it isn’t, it’s a garbage photo with terrible lighting, so stop arguing about a horribly captured photo and take a real picture of the dress in normal light and there will be ZERO REASON TO DISCUSS THIS. Sigh…

        Sorry, I probably shouldn’t be as annoyed by this thing as I am…

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