Update: The video I originally shared was removed from YouTube, so here are a few scenes of RiffTrax poking fun at The Wizard of Oz. You’re welcome.

The good folks at RiffTrax have possibly the best job in the world. They’re paid to make fun of movies, and they’re really good at it.

RiffTrax is a company that produces, well, riff tracks: funny commentaries in which comedians riff movies. It’s the same concept as Mystery Science Theater 3000—in fact, the three regulars on RiffTrax are MST3K veterans. The founder, Mike Nelson, is a fan of both C.S. Lewis and P.G. Wodehouse, and therefore a man worthy of my utmost regard.

RiffTrax commentaries are eclectic mixes of improvised dialogue, pop culture references and general silliness. The range of RiffTrax’s humor is surprising. In one moment, they might make sophisticated quips about classic literature or film history. In the next, they might make fart noises.

RiffTrax is often witty, sometimes a little bawdy and always exuberant in its ridiculousness. I like RiffTrax. The extravagances of Hollywood should be kept in check by healthy doses of mockery. After all, as RiffTrax reminds the viewer, “Some movies have it coming.”

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