230. Advent Conspiracy Is Back!

It’s that time of year again.

Yes, stores are selling, television specials are showing, cynics are sneering and a handful of awesome, crazy people are conspiring to save lives.

I don’t like churchy videos, but this one made such an impression on me years ago that I’ve shared it every Christmas season since. Watch it. I’ll wait for you.

Here are the facts.

1. Americans spend $450 billion on Christmas every year.

2. Lack of clean water kills more people every day than almost anything else on Earth.

3. The estimated cost to make clean water available to everyone on Earth is about $20 billion—roughly 4.5% of how much Americans spend on Christmas every single year.

The Advent Conspiracy is a resolution to spend less on stuff and more on people. Of course, buying Christmas gifts isn’t wrong. (I definitely have some holiday shopping planned.) The purpose of the Advent Conspiracy isn’t to stop spending money, but to spend it meaningfully.

Advent Conspiracy

Let’s face it—thirsty people need clean water more than we need Christmas presents.

The Advent Conspiracy is dedicated to providing clean water, but its principles can be applied to other good causes. The hungry, homeless and brokenhearted need our money as much as the thirsty. Where we give doesn’t matter as much as whether we give.

This Christmas, we can rescue people from poverty, thirst and sickness. This Christmas, we can change the world—or we can buy more stuff.

Let’s change the world.

More information about the Advent Conspiracy can be found here.

Happy Christmas!

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