A Portrait of the Artist as a Hero Drinking Coffee

Link Drinking CoffeeLook at that picture. Look at it. I wish I could draw pictures like that.

While I fool around on this blog, my younger brother sketches fantastic pictures in pencil and posts them on his deviantART page. Seriously, I don’t know how he produces drawings like these. I’m guessing pencils and paper are involved somehow; the rest is a glorious mystery.

The image above is my brother’s profile picture: Link, the protagonist of the Legend of Zelda games, drinking coffee and drawing… himself. (If his coffee cup is to be believed, Link is also the World’s Best Hero.) As a Zelda fan, I find my bro’s profile picture clever and hilarious.

I strongly recommend taking a look around my brother’s deviantART profile. Seriously, it’s cool. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “A Portrait of the Artist as a Hero Drinking Coffee

    • My bro actually had a difficult time finding a model for Link’s left hand. In the end, he had to crane his neck painfully to get the correct angle on his own left hand holding a pencil… and he says it was totally worth it. Authenticity matters! 🙂

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