210. TMTF Gets It Together

Confession: For the past two weeks, I’ve been struggling to keep it together.

(Can I confess stuff on my blog? Are bloggers allowed to do that?)

Work has been oddly exhausting. My younger brother recently moved in with me, which has been awesome… and a bit stressful for both of us. My car, Tribulation, lived up to its name and stopped working properly. (Well, Trib never quite worked properly, but it generally came close enough.) I will probably have to pay for expensive repairs or else buy a new car.

Even my typewriter monkeys are still on strike. (I’m typing out this post myself: grueling hard work.) My monkeys keep waving signs at me and threatening to break my coffeepot if I don’t meet their demands, which mostly involve bananas and health insurance.

For two weeks, I’ve felt overwhelmed by changes and difficulties and responsibilities. Mild anxiety has repeatedly given way to discouragement or quiet panic.

Times like these never last, thank God. I’m finally getting it together. As usual, there was no magical moment, abrupt epiphany or blinding revelation that fixed everything instantly. Getting it together has taken work, prayer, sleep, coffee and this post from Amy Green, whose blog is way better than mine.

I was planning to discuss Christian evangelism or Scott Pilgrim today, but those posts can wait. Today is a good day to talk about what’s going on in our lives.

So what’s going on in your life? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “210. TMTF Gets It Together

  1. Adam,
    Jen Stuck here. Thank you for sharing. Blog posts are absolutely about sharing struggles. I wanted to let you know that this is something our whole family struggles with. My siblings and my parents and our uncles… and I want to encourage you. I don’t want to use shallow words or vague scripture promises, but I know that in my life, God has called me to pursue Joy. We are given the gift of joy and it helps me to know that it is a fact and a promise. We have joy (Exuberance at life) in Christ, through Christ and for life. That thought gets me through the hard times, the bleak loneliness, the dark twilight of the soul…
    I wonder if there are other ways I can help? I am praying that the Lord wake up up with Joy each morning.. that is, with a sense of adventure and excitement for the day.

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