209. Super Stück Bros.

My younger bro, who arrived in the US a couple of weeks ago from Uruguay, is now living with me.

So yeah, that’s awesome.

My younger brother may be taller than I, but I'm STOUTER.

My younger brother may be taller than I, but I’m STOUTER.

My parents will also be staying in the area for a few months. They live in Uruguay, so I haven’t seen them in many, many months. (For my readers unversed in geography: Uruguay is quite a long way from my home in Berne, Indiana.) I’m delighted they’ll be around for a while!

Between work, helping my brother get settled and other commitments, I’m going to be pretty busy next week. I’ve decided to take the week off from my blogs. Fear not, dear reader! Regular updates shall resume on TMTF on Monday, September 16, and on the Solidarity blog on Thursday, September 19.

There’s one more reason for my decision to take a week off from this blog. My typewriter monkeys are striking… again. They’re upset about my brother invading (their word) my apartment. (I concede that Mole End, my apartment, is getting a bit crowded.) It will take at least a week to get my monkeys back to work.

In the meantime, I’ve got things to do and places to be and coffee to drink. Onward!

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