172. Geeky Wednesdays

Like Pokémon and Darwin’s finches, TMTF has evolved over time. It began as merely a blog about stuff. It has become… well, it’s still a blog about stuff, but I’m better at writing it.

Socrates! I choose you!

Typewriter monkey! I choose you!

Besides its regular posts, TMTF has featured quite a number of extras: a fantasy novella, a series of reflections on Christian living and some creative writing. Even ordinary posts have featured artwork, comics or poetry instead of my usual ramblings about faith, writing, video games, literature, life the universe and everything.

I like things that are different, and I’m thinking of adding something different to this blog.

Posts are published on TMTF every Monday and Friday. What about that midweek gap? Why are there no posts on Wednesdays? Fear not! My typewriter monkeys and I are considering a new feature on this blog we’ve decided to call Geeky Wednesdays.

You see, I’m sort of a geek. (You may have noticed.) I play video games, read biographies of J.R.R. Tolkien and sing songs about psychopathic, science-obsessed computers when I wash the dishes.

Geeky Wednesday posts would consist of something that amuses or interests me (a picture, literary excerpt, Bible verse or YouTube video, for example) and my brief commentary thereupon—anything from a single sentence to several paragraphs.

These Geeky Wednesday commentaries would be shorter and less formal than TMTF’s numbered posts. My observations would range from silly to serious to scholarly. One week I might reflect upon a verse from the Book of Job; the next I might decide which video game character has the best mustache.

At least one previous attempt to add extra features to this blog ended in failure because I was simply too busy. Upon giving the matter some thought, I’ve concluded I can probably handle Geeky Wednesdays without much difficulty. Brief commentaries on geeky things would be much quicker and easier to write than ordinary posts.

What are your thoughts? Would you enjoy impromptu ramblings about geeky things, or should TMTF remain uncluttered by extras?

One more quick question: Is anyone annoyed by links to previous posts? I’ve noticed how often I link to older posts, and I can’t help but wonder how many readers I’m irritating.

Too many Links?

Too many Links?

Should Geeky Wednesdays become a new feature on this blog? Would you prefer fewer links? We need to know! Let us know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “172. Geeky Wednesdays

  1. I love the idea of Geeky Wednesdays… The more, the merrier/better/awesomer…

    About the links, it was quite funny for me because just before getting to that part of the post I was thinking to myself, “Boy, oh boy, how I love having links that refer me to previous posts containing the implied information that I may have missed or forgotten. It takes away the frustration of missing information, like reading The Silmarillion and not having the glossary at the back of the book to explain all the Sindarin words/names or the names of the endless characters and who sired them or they begat…” And it was quite interactive, in a way, to have that point addressed just after I thought the formerly mentioned monologue… (thankfully, it also gave me extra time to think of a witty and impressive reply, instead of just saying “luv da links! XOXO”)

    Anyway, to summarize what I just rambled on about, Geeky Wednesdays should totally happen. And I luv da links! XOXO.

  2. I too love the Geeky Wednesday idea,- your propensity for random geekiness is one of the great things about TMTF – clutter is good. And the links are awesome, I love being able to look back and read your previous stuff over again without having to search through your archives myself.

    • Thank you! I’m grateful for the feedback. (Every time I make a major change to the blog, it’s with a sinking fear I’ll be annoying or alienating readers.) I also appreciate your kinds words for my “propensity for random geekiness.” It’s probably my most frivolous gift, and definitely my favorite. 😉

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