Help, I’m a Christian! – Introduction

Becoming a follower of Jesus Christ was absolutely the best decision I ever made, but there was a problem.

I had no idea what I was doing.

Prayer was necessary, I knew, and church was important, and the Bible came into it somehow. I had heard all the Sunday School stories and could sing all the worship songs. However, when it came to the practical day-to-day essentials of Christian living, I had only a vague idea that I should try to “be good.”

I’ve learned a lot since then. It took lots of mistakes, some of them very painful. Much of what I know about Christian living I learned the hard way.

This Holy Week, I’d like to share some of what I’ve learned.

At the heart of Christianity lies a relationship with Christ. Since relationships are unique, nobody can give perfect, specific, infallible instructions about this particular relationship—or any relationship, for that matter.

In the end, all anyone can do is share what they’ve learned from their own experiences. That’s what I’ll do this week.

You may not be a Christian. That’s okay. You’re welcome to read this week’s posts anyway. They might give you a clearer idea of what Christianity is all about.

You may be a much better Christian than I am. That’s awesome! You’re welcome to read this week’s posts anyway. Feel free to share your thoughts (and correct my mistakes) by leaving comments.

Here’s the plan for this week:

Monday: Relationship

Tuesday: Prayer

Wednesday: The Bible

Thursday: Church

Friday: Obedience and Service

Saturday: Faith and Works


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