120. TMTF’s Future Is Yours to Shape!

Wait, which way to the future?

Stale is a nasty word. It makes me think of television shows or book series that have gone on too long, or even—oh, the horror!—packets of cheese crackers that have been opened and then forgotten in some obscure corner of the snack cupboard.

This blog has been up and running for more than a year, and I don’t want it ever to become stale. My typewriter monkeys and I are considering making some changes in direction for TMTF, and today’s post is to give you—yes, dear reader, you—an opportunity to shape this blog’s future!

I’m thinking of discontinuing the Turnspike Emails. These posts are TMTF’s version of The Screwtape Letters, a book by C.S. Lewis that explores Christian ideas from a demon’s perspective. I’ve used the Turnspike Emails to reflect upon (and sometimes to vent about) various spiritual issues. However, I’m not satisfied with the Turnspike Emails. I don’t feel like I’m doing C.S. Lewis’s excellent idea justice.

Shall I stop writing the Turnspike Emails?

I’m also considering discontinuing book reviews. While they’re fun to write, I haven’t been consistent enough in posting them to justify their existence as a regular feature of this blog.

Shall I keep the book reviews or stop writing them?

I intend to continue writing several categories of posts. The About Writing posts are here to stay, of course, as well as the That Time I _____ posts in which I share anecdotes of odd adventures I’ve had. (I’m running out of stories, but I still have a few up my sleeve.) I’ll definitely keep my reflections upon the Christian faith, my commentaries upon video games, my posts about random topics and, of course, TMTF’s ever-popular top ten lists.

Depending upon feedback, I may feature some of these categories of posts more or less often.

Which of these categories do you want to see featured more often? Which do you want to see featured less often?

I’m thinking of adding a new feature highlighting authors whom I appreciate. These posts would be titled Why [Insert Author Name] Is Awesome, and would introduce writers, explain what makes their writing significant and recommend one or two books with which a beginning reader can start.

Is this a good idea for a new feature?

I’d also like to feature more creative writing. While I probably won’t feature any more serials like The Infinity Manuscript for a long time, there are some short stories I’d like to share.

If I published creative writing on this blog, it would be on Wednesdays in order not to interrupt the usual Monday and Friday posts. In other words, creative writing pieces would be an addition to regular blog posts, not a replacement for them. Unlike blog posts, which are posted twice weekly, creative writing wouldn’t follow any kind of schedule. Rather, it would be posted only when I had something ready to post—probably once or twice a month.

What are your thoughts? Would the addition of stories make this blog better, or clutter it with unnecessary posts?

The stated purpose of this blog is “to impart hope or understanding or inspiration—or at the very least a healthy laugh—to someone who needs it.” I want this blog to make you think, or to make you smile.

This brings me to my final question.

What more do you want to see from this blog? How can my typewriter monkeys and I serve you?

My monkeys and I want to make this blog the best it can be. We want to brighten the lives of our readers, and we can’t do it alone.

Your suggestions, criticisms and advice are much, much appreciated. Please, comment away!

15 thoughts on “120. TMTF’s Future Is Yours to Shape!

  1. I love your idea of having famous fictional characters “meeting.” And any of your other short stories would be great to read. So yes, I’m in favor of more creative writing posts! 🙂 I’d also like to see posts on “Why [Insert Author Name] Is Awesome!” Great idea. And last but not least, I too say, “More book reviews.” Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing what you and your typewriter monkeys share in the future!

  2. Your monkey’s are awesome, and I haven’t noticed any stale or cheesy crackers around here.
    I find your blog to be fun and quirky, don’t get too hung up over-structuring it. Even though you’ve domesticated your typewriter monkeys, remember they are wild animals at heart, and sometimes they just need to run around and play. (just try not to let them bite the internet guy again, it was a total bummer when y’all went off-line)

    • I’m glad you like the blog’s wide range of topics! I hope TMTF’s focus can remain varied without becoming vague.

      I’ll try not to let my monkeys bite anyone again. The poor representative had to get a rabies shot following the incident at my apartment, and the Internet company wouldn’t send another rep until they were sure the first one wasn’t going to start foaming at the mouth.

  3. More book reviews, regardless of the consistency. Does one care how evenly spaced the chocolate chips are in the cookie? Or is one simply glad there are chocolate chips to be had?

    And “would the addition of stories and dialogues make this blog better”?
    “or clutter it with unnecessary posts?”
    No. Again, that would be like asking if one should add more chocolate chips to the cookie or would that clutter it with unnecessary goodness.

  4. I love the quirky style of your posts. I admire your ability to write well. I read your blog for these two things. The actual subject matter you choose is immaterial to me. You are truly gifted at this craft of writing and reading your blog is pure enjoyment.

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