The Infinity Manuscript: Foreword

I am excited to make an announcement today about the future of TMTF. For at least a couple of months, TMTF will feature—in addition to the two usual weekly blog posts—a longish story, serialized in conveniently short parts every week.

This story, The Infinity Manuscript, is something I’ve wanted to write for some time. The problem has been that I haven’t been able to find the right narrative form for the story: it isn’t long enough for a full-fledged novel, but it’s a good deal too long for a short story. While I considered writing the story as a screenplay, I decided against it due to my inexperience in the complicated field of moviemaking.

Then it occurred to me that The Infinity Manuscript is exactly the sort of story that would work well in parts. To wit, it would work well as a serial—which led me to ask myself, “Why not serialize it?”

A fantasy, The Infinity Manuscript will recount the story of Innocent Freo, a good-natured police constable in remote desert outpost, who is recruited by the Orofino Empire to track down and capture an infamous criminal called Jerem the Plague. In addition to terrorizing towns throughout the Orofino Empire, Jerem is rumored to be searching out and destroying pages of the Infinity Manuscript, a book without which the world cannot exist.

Some readers of TMTF will have no interest in reading a story like The Infinity Manuscript, and that’s okay. TMTF will continue to feature two blog posts every week about faith, writing, video games, literature, life, the universe and everything. The story will be an addition to the blog, not a replacement for it.

Installments of The Infinity Manuscript will be posted each Wednesday. Since TMTF will be back on a schedule of three posts a week, the first post of each week will be moved from Tuesday back to Monday. To put it simply, TMTF will be updated on Mondays and Fridays; the story will be updated on Wednesdays; the Solidarity blog (which is linked to TMTF) will continue to be updated on Thursdays.

In regard to writing fiction, my primary focus is still The Eliot Papers, a trilogy of novels on which I’ve been working for a long time. The first novel in the trilogy, The Trials of Lance Eliot, is edging slowly but surely toward publication; it will be released (I hope) sometime this year. The Infinity Manuscript is just a side project. Even so, I’m excited to begin the story of Innocent Freo, and I invite you to share in his journey.

The journey has begun!

4 thoughts on “The Infinity Manuscript: Foreword

  1. Hey Adam,
    Just finished reading your story and instead of a screenplay it sounds like a plot for a videogame (videogameplay?). Looking forward to your paperback coming out.

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