90. TMTF at a Turning Point

My typewriter monkeys are on strike. This is no surprise, since their union requires its members to strike at least once a month regardless of their work situation. Curse you, Society for the Protection and Advancement of Typewriter Monkeys!

This strike comes at a bad time, since TMTF is approaching a turning point. The Infinity Manuscript is less than a week away from completion. My first novel, The Trials of Lance Eliot, will be released next month—I hope. In a month or so, TMTF will reach its hundredth post. Finally, I’ll be leaving Montevideo in less than two weeks and settling in central Indiana, embarking upon a new stage of life.

Some things are coming to an end. Others are just beginning.

It seems like a good time for me to clean up the blog. Many posts on TMTF would benefit from revision. Moreover, I want to create an Archive page that lists posts topically instead of chronologically. At the moment, regular posts are mixed up with installments of The Infinity Manuscript and the Help, I’m a Christian! series in the Archive. Being a tidy, borderline obsessive-compulsive sort of person, I want to arrange TMTF’s posts neatly.

These revisions and rearrangements will take some time—especially since I’ll have to make them myself. (I never thought I’d say it, but I miss my typewriter monkeys.) For that reason, there will be no new post on TMTF on Monday. The blog will resume its regular updates on Wednesday with the final part of The Infinity Manuscript.

Since TMTF is taking a brief break from regular updates, this seems like a good opportunity to recommend a few older posts!

Regarding faith, you can read about gangster pastors, the problem of pain or the greatest lesson I ever learned from a webcomic.

On the subject of writing, you can read reflections upon characterization, brevity or the three platinum rules of writing.

About video games, you can reflect upon the surprising excellence of game music, the iniquities of ten terrifying villains or the golden rules for success when playing RPGs.

Concerning literature, you can ponder the humorous faults of modern worship music, the dazzling beauty of literary gems or what novels ought to be made into movies.

As for life, the universe and everything, you can consider such fascinating subjects as anime hair, facial hair and the sacred art of packing.

For the truly brave of heart, I also recommend the thrilling accounts of That Time I Tangled with Barbed Wire, That Time I Was Trapped in a Stage Kiss or That Time I Held a Severed Human Arm.

As TMTF moves beyond this turning point, I’m excited for its future. I just hope my typewriter monkeys stop striking soon.

2 thoughts on “90. TMTF at a Turning Point

  1. Do you need to use the Archive feature, or can you use the Categories feature for sorting by the type of post?

    And will the monkeys be moving to Indiana also? Or is that part of the terms of their strike – to stay in South America?

    • In order to rearrange the posts in the Archive, I’ll have to create a separate page and insert links to the posts manually. It will be a tedious, painstaking task, but I think it will be worth it in the long run to keep the Archive page as neat as possible.

      Where I go, my typewriter monkeys go: sort of like Naomi and Ruth in the Old Testament, except Ruth was probably less of a pain than my monkeys.

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