491. Trashin’ the Blog

Just for fun, I spent a few hours making this messy mashup from scratch. It has some painful flaws—the tempo wanders like a two-year-old at the zoo—but I enjoyed making it, and might rerecord it someday. Consider this a demo.

No monkeys were harmed in the making of this video.

2 thoughts on “491. Trashin’ the Blog

  1. Love it! And the tempo thing can be fixed with a simple click track to keep you on beat. Really that was the only flaw in the thing, and I might not even have noticed if you didn’t point it out first. 🙂 Hope to hear some more in this vein before the blog’s end!

    • With fewer than ten posts left, I’m not planning any more musical shenanigans, except for a very brief bit of a cappella singing. After this blog ends, however, I may record a couple of songs just for fun. We’ll see. 😛

      If I try rerecording this particular mashup, I’ll definitely use a metronome to keep the tempo more consistent.

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