452. Prayer Requests?

It occurred to me lately that I’ve never invited my readers to submit prayer requests so that I could, y’know, pray for ’em specifically.

Today seems like a good day to make that right. How, dear reader, can I pray for you? There’s no catch, I won’t charge a cent, and there’s no fine print. I promise to pray for readers who submit requests, and to keep requests private. (I’ll also try to keep my use of the word just to a minimum; that’s one I wouldn’t mind seeing banished.)

I believe prayer can be powerful and effective, like a water-type move against a fire-type Pokémon. Okay, I admit that analogy is a bit far-fetched… or, dare I say, a bit Farfetch’d. (Wow, that pun was esoteric and lame. I’m so, so sorry.)

Adam used Pray

Life should be more like Pokémon… or maybe it shouldn’t. I dunno.

If I can pray for you in any way, leave a comment or tweet at me—or, if you want to keep your request private, send me a Facebook message or use TMTF’s Contact page.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get the Pokémon anime theme out of my head. Pray for me, guys.

2 thoughts on “452. Prayer Requests?

  1. Hey, that’s appreciated! It’s hard to ask for prayers for one’s self sometimes, but I could sure use full clarity for this vertigo situation and prayer that it be used as brilliantly as possible for my life and the world. If I’m going to suffer with this lousy dizziness, I just want it to be put to good use. 🙂 (I would also be totally fine with it going away, too… But if it’s necessary for some reason, then whatever it takes.)

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