Obligatory Goth Phase

I just realized this blog never went through a goth phase. Given how much I write about depression and other gloomy stuff, I think TMTF really needs a goth phase.

That said, I don’t really like goth music, so I’ll compromise with a hard rock cover of a Simon & Garfunkel song. That’s edgy, right? Simon & Garfunkel’s music is super dark and grim, isn’t it? Isn’t it?

And just watch the music video above. It has wrecked instruments, and ghosts, and, um, what I’m assuming is the river Styx. It’s all in black and white, and the singer seems angry at everything, so I’ll assume it all counts toward this blog’s goth quota.

In seriousness, I’m impressed by the singer’s stentorian voice and the guitar flourishes toward the end. I’m hardly a fan of heavy metal, but this cover manages to be darkly epic while respecting its folksy source material. The video ends on a faintly redemptive note, which is how this blog’s gloomiest posts generally conclude, so that’s apropos.

Welp, I suppose this counts as TMTF’s obligatory goth phase. Now I can go back to making coffee jokes and heavy-handed video game references, thank goodness.

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