A Painting a Day Keeps the Art Block at Bay

Frilled lizard

Yep, that sure is a frilled lizard. (Art by Piper Thibodeau.)

Art is hard. Art is really, really hard, yet here is an artist who paints a new picture every flipping day. There is a word for such people: dedicated.

Wait, that’s not the word I meant. Masochistic. That’s it. This artist is masochistic.

Nah, I’m only joking. I have nothing but respect for Piper Thibodeau, the artist who creates a brand-new digital painting every day to keep her artistic skills sharp. That’s just bonkers. I mean, heck, I thought writing two and a half blog posts a week was hard! It must take quite an imagination to come up with a new idea for a painting every single day.

A lot of Ms. Thibodeau’s paintings are visual puns. Some of my favorites include crab apples, a Capuchin’o monkey, a pheasant peasant, and a guaca’ mole. Cute art, impressive creativity, silly puns—what more can you ask for?

3 thoughts on “A Painting a Day Keeps the Art Block at Bay

  1. There’s also a digital artist by the name of Beeple who has been uploading daily art for a number of years now. Its not only the amount of art that is impressive, each one of his works seem like it should take weeks. To top it off, most of his content, if not all, is free to use for your own projects.

    • It must take incredible self-discipline, and maybe just a touch of lunacy, to create quality artwork with such unfailing regularity. I can hardly imagine how challenging it must be!

  2. Piper’s work is great, I’ve been enjoying it for years. Such great art combined with very creative ideas. Not something you see very often in our world today!

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