Don’t Interrupt Me While I’m Reading a Book

A friend of a friend of mine writes a blog called The Lingering Lamb, and a recent post reminded me of a song from my college days. “I’m Reading a Book” seemed funny at the time, but now it’s a painful reminder of how irritating it is to be interrupted while reading. (Maybe I should write another Hulk rant.)

I read on break at work, and a coworker has tried to start conversations on inane subjects while, y’know, I’m clearly reading a book. Once or twice, my coworker has entered the room, seen an open book in front of me, and apparently told herself, “Oh, Adam is reading a book! That is obviously an unspoken permission for me to chatter at him for the next ten minutes.”

I don’t want to join a conversation when I’m reading a book. As friend of mine pointed out, when I’m reading a book, I’m already having a conversation. It’s rude to interrupt.

I’m beginning to think I should wear a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign around my neck when I read on break. At the very least, I should look grumpy. (I’m getting pretty good at grouchy expressions; you should see my Power Scowl.) I’ll work on it.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Interrupt Me While I’m Reading a Book

  1. The book will be there after everyone else is dead. Just saying. Gotta strike at real world interactions while the iron is hot! When there’s an apocalypse of some kind and you’re living underground away from the Dustosapiens of Surfaceworld, then you can read all you want.

    Also it sounds like that girl is flirting with you. She was talking to you, right? That’s girl code for “We should get married.” Trust me, I’m married. I know how it works.

    • I enjoy good conversations, but not sitting helplessly while someone chatters at me. Besides, my work is 85% chatting with elderly people and assisting them with everyday activities. Introverts need time to recharge, man.

      My coworker is in her forties or fifties, and her kids are my age. I don’t think she is trying to flirt. 😛

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