Les Misérables, Honestly

Well, I finished Les flipping Misérables.

The unabridged version of this famous novel took me an embarrassingly long time to read. (Heck, I even blogged about it once or twice last year!) At one point, I set aside the book for months to read five other novels and roughly half of the Bone comic series. Les Mis has loomed over me for a long time, and it’s a relief to put it back on the shelf and get on with my life.

I’ll discuss Lez Miz in a future Review Roundup, but for now, I’ll just share a brief, honest look at the movie adaptation of the musical adaptation of the abridged version of the original novel. (Yes, Hollywood has adapted the heck out of this book.) The movie isn’t bad, yet it’s quite a long one, so please enjoy this much shorter (and funnier!) take on the epic story of Les Misérables.

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