380. A Personal Update & Some Blog Stuff

Things have changed in the life of Adam Stück.

Well, some things have changed; others remain adamantly (no pun intended, I swear) the same. I’m still reading, writing, watching cartoons, drinking too much coffee, and striving (with typically mixed results) to follow Christ and live a worthwhile life. However, the Adam of today is not quite the same fellow as the Adam of yesteryear. What has changed?

I am happy. Quite unexpectedly, after prolonged misery, I am consistently happy.

HappyIt’s been a few months since I left my old job at a group home for disabled gentlemen, shaking the dust off my feet as a testimony against it. I love those guys—in fact, I visit ’em regularly—but that workplace had become as dysfunctional as all heck. That job, which was never easy, had become unbearable; its toxic influence had reached even the farthest corners of my life. I felt almost constantly tired, stressed, and gloomy. Only since moving on have I realized just how bad things were.

In many ways, my new job has been awesome. It ain’t glamorous, but my workplace is functional, my responsibilities are reasonable, and my coworkers and managers treat me with the respect due a living human being. It has been a vast improvement, and I’m consistently happier than I’ve been in years.

Of course, “happier than I’ve been in years” is not quite the same thing as “happily ever after.” Life is still complicated. Depression comes and goes.

Things aren’t perfect, but they are better. Thank God, things are better.

Why am I writing any of this? Well, I ramble a lot about distant memories and geeky nonsense, but hardly ever about how I am now. For now, I seem to be happy and highly caffeinated, and I am okay with that.

All right, so much for the personal update. Have some news about this blog.

TMTF will be taking a two-week break, returning with new content on August 24. During the break, I’ll dust off old posts and republish them on the blog’s usual schedule, because recycling is good for the environment.

Here, in no particular order, are several reasons for the break.

  • I’ll soon be switching positions within my job, moving from my starting position in the kitchens to a position as a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). I’ll be doing pretty much all the same stuff as in my previous job, but in a functional workplace. In preparation for the switch, I’ll have to take CNA classes on top of my usual work shifts, so I’ll be busier than usual for a while.
  • I have a wedding to attend this weekend in northern Indiana—in fact, if you’re reading this blog post on the day it’s published, I’m probably on a highway heading northward right now.
  • I have some editing to do for a friend, and I am embarrassingly far behind. I could use some extra time to work on it.
  • My typewriter monkeys decided yesterday to celebrate summer with a bonfire, and today there is a smoldering ruin where my town’s post office used to be. (Don’t ask.) While I’m traveling north for the wedding, my monkeys have skipped town and are on their way south to avoid charges of arson. They plan to lay low in Florida until the whole thing blows over. I hope they are eaten by alligators.

TMTF shall return with new content on Monday, August 24. As always, thanks so much for reading!

3 thoughts on “380. A Personal Update & Some Blog Stuff

  1. Enjoy the trip! It makes me happy to hear you are happy. Hooray! Double happiness. Also I’m sure your friend is in no rush on the edit and has, say, another book that should have been published months ago and still isn’t due to his lethargy or something. Probably. I’m just guessing. Point being, I doubt he (or she, I don’t know this person) minds you taking your time. This person would probably say “No rush, old chap.”


    Also I’ve found it’s bad juju to wish ill encounters on monkeys. Or at least Sceb has found that, and has relayed the message to me with a lot of complaining interspersed. If you wish for their demise by alligator, they will almost assuredly return to your apartment with a new Floridian pet.

    • Well, I hope my anonymous friend — I’ll call him Socrates — doesn’t mind the interminable wait for his manuscript to be edited. I certainly appreciate Socrates’ patience.

      I… I hadn’t thought of that. My monkeys could very well return to Berne with an hungry alligator in tow. OH DEAR GOSH WHAT HAVE I DONE

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