4 thoughts on “Gravity Falls

  1. I once was blind, but now I’ve seen Gravity Falls, and I endorse this post.

    Oh my gosh is it good. Some of the silliness of modern cartoons, but SO much depth of character and story. So, so good.

    • Gravity Falls hits all the right notes for me. It has brilliant comedy, memorable characters, and an interesting setting, with a slow but intriguing story tying it all together. Oh, and Matt Chapman, co-creator of Homestar Runner and the voice of its characters, wrote some episodes and did some voices, so that’s neat. 🙂

        • I don’t remember which episodes Chapman worked on, but I know he co-wrote several with Alex Hirsch, and wrote most of the animated shorts that aired after the first season.

          I can tell you that Chapman voiced, in addition to background characters, Soos’s grandma, Mermando the merman, and the Hand-Witch. If you listen very carefully, you can hear occasional hints of Strong Bad in Mermando’s voice and of the Ugly One (from Teen Girl Squad) in the Hand-Witch’s.

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