A Caffeinated Romance

St. Valentine’s Day is coming up. (Yes, I insist on referring to the holiday as St. Valentine’s Day, because I am a grouchy traditionalist.) It’s a time for people in relationships to express their affections, and for single people to feel awkward. St. Valentine’s Day is also a time for coffee, but let’s be honest—it’s always time for coffee.

“Taylor the Latte Boy” is my all-time favorite romantic song. (Well, the video above actually features two songs: “Taylor the Latte Boy” and its response, “Taylor’s Rebuttal.”) What could be more romantic than a guy and a girl falling in love over coffee? The girl’s passionate tale of love, longing, and lattes is only slightly marred by the guy being absolutely not interested.

Coffee, love poetry, and the possibility of a restraining order: “Taylor the Latte Boy” has it all. This two-part song is on the longish side, but if you have time, I absolutely recommend it. The parts of Taylor and his admirer are performed well, and the differences between their points of view are hilarious.

In the end, I think we can all agree that caffeinated romances are the best kind.

3 thoughts on “A Caffeinated Romance

  1. Not going to lie, that got stuck in my head like crazy for about an hour. 😛

    Did you know St. Valentine’s Day was originally a celebration of not romantic love, but “agape” aka Christian love of all people? Another wonderful moment when the stupid English language’s lack of words to describe different sorts of love has made things confusing! 😛

    • I think C.S. Lewis did a great job of defining different sorts of love: charity, the divine love also called agape; eros, or romantic love; affection, the love felt for family members; and friendship. It’s a shame his definitions haven’t found wider usage.

      • Well that’s because we don’t have actual words for each. You’ve got agape and eros in other languages, just not in English. Someone ought to create the equivalent of agape (etc) in English, where one would not feel odd saying “I agape you.” (Though I suppose in time you would grow accustom to even that.)

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