The ABRAA (Association of Blogs Run by Animal Assistants) has informed me and my typewriter monkeys that our blog will be shut down if we don’t feature more educational content. This scared me at first, but I’ve discovered an easy solution to appease the strict inquisitors of the ABRAA: I will let the Muppets do the educating for me. What could go wrong?

Today we’re learning to make popcorn shrimp, and also sweet music. Take notes.

The captions (accessible via the button marked CC on the video when viewed on YouTube) are probably my favorite thing about this video. The person transcribing the Swedish Chef’s gibberish gives up about a minute in and starts rambling about his job. It’s an extra layer of humor in an already delightful skit.

The Chef himself speaks hilariously like someone I know. I work in a group home for gentlemen with disabilities, and one of them mumbles in what I presume to be a fluent mixture of English, Swedish, and Ewok. I’ve gotten pretty good at deciphering his gibberish, but it’s taken a lot of practice.

I sure hope the ABRAA is satisfied by TMTF’s attempt at educating its readers… and that the Swedish Chef doesn’t give my pyromaniacal monkeys any ideas.

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