No Internet

My connection to the weird, wonderful, wireless network known as teh internetz has been tragically broken.

A recent thunderstorm seems to have damaged my router, which blinks feebly and then dies every time it’s plugged in. I’ve called my Internet service provider, but they keep refusing to send technicians to resolve the problem.

Look, is it my fault that one of my typewriter monkeys bit the last technician they sent? Can’t we forgive and forget? Honestly.

My Internet connection won’t be restored for at least a few more days. For this and other reasons, TMTF must take a break for one week.

This blog took a break just a few weeks ago, and my honest intention was not to take another for a long time. I apologize for failing to update TMTF more regularly. I also blame my monkeys. If one of them hadn’t bit that technician, my Internet might have been fixed by now.

TMTF shall return (I hope) on Monday, June 30.

Thanks for your patience, dear reader, and thanks for reading!

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