259. What Blogs Should I Follow?

Some time ago, I tweeted a question to my fabulous followers on Twitter: I’d like to follow more blogs. What are your recommendations?

This tweet, like the voice of one crying in the wilderness, went unheard and unanswered. I would like some answers to my question, though, so today I’m asking you.

I’d like to follow more blogs. What are your recommendations?

Specifically, what great blogs delve into subjects like culture, Christianity, writing, video games, literature, film and media?

If you enjoy a blog, or think I might like a blog, or write a blog, share it!

What blogs do you recommend? Let us know in the comments!

8 thoughts on “259. What Blogs Should I Follow?

  1. From Nothing comics – http://www.fromnothingcomics.com/

    I didn’t expect to like this review blog, but it reads well (as it should, since its writer is a best-selling author of science fiction) and just seems common-sense-y. – http://www.hatrack.com/osc/reviews/everything/
    (It doesn’t look like a normal blog – you have to click on a headline to see any content, but try a few entries. At least the RSS feed works like normal.)

    And to round things out, since a list of only 2 items seems incomplete, let me add The Blazing Center – http://www.theblazingcenter.com/

  2. Oh! Well, this would appear to be my time to shine.

    Games first:

    “The Escapist” is a hugely prolific general games news site.

    “Rock Paper Shotgun” is also very good, and tends to have pretty insightful reviews, but it’s only about PC gaming.

    “Indie games” and “Jayisgames”. The main purpose of these sites is promoting indie games that are interesting, new, and usually free and very small (tons of browser-based games).

    “Gamasutra” is all about game design.

    “Radiator” is also about game design. I haven’t read it much. I think it’s a bit more technical.

    Two blogs that have fascinating commentary on games and the games industry, but are almost never updated, are “Psychology of Games” and “The Bottom Feeder”.

    “Hardcoregaming101” draws attention to weird and overlooked games, and their history.

    “Dead End Thrills” is dedicated entirely to amazing game screenshots (very often taken with mods to remove the GUI, improve resolution, etc.).

    Okay, now for things other than games:

    Gene Veith writes excellent commentary on current events from a Christian perspective. His posts opt for presenting information and asking questions more than casting judgments. He updates about once a day.

    “Christ and Pop Culture” is a fairly prolific blog that’s pretty much summed up by the title. Admittedly, I only started reading it when a friend of mine became one of the regular contributors, and I have not kept up with it since he left.

    “Tor” is a major online/print publication all about sci-fi and fantasy fiction. Mostly news, though they sometimes post stories or interviews.

    “Longform” is an aggregate that celebrates the old-fashioned, long-winded, minimally-illustrated, magazine-style article. Posts once a day, I think. Every topic under the sun.

    “Grammarphobia” and “Language Log” both have to do with the English language and the way it’s used. The former is concise, deals with relatively straightforward questions, and is very readable. The latter is very in-depth and detailed, so much so that I often have trouble deciphering it.

    • Oh yeah, and if you’re looking for an RSS aggregator (maybe you’re still reeling, as I was, from the loss of Google Reader), I very strongly recommend inoreader.com . It’s free and it’s the best (unless you want to compile and host tt-rss on your own server…),

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