235. My (Old) New Year’s Resolutions

Twelve months ago, I made some new year’s resolutions. Did I keep them? Was this year of our Lord two thousand thirteen an epoch of marked self-improvement or abysmal failure?

Let’s find out.

These were my resolutions for 2013.

I will be focused, intentional and self-disciplined

For the most part, I kept this resolution. I occasionally wasted time, but less time than in years past. That’s an improvement, right?

I will finish the manuscript for The Wanderings of Lance Eliot

This… this was a resolution I couldn’t keep.

I will not be anxious, insecure or obsessive-compulsive

I’m still working on this one, but I made great progress this year. My anxieties and obsessive-compulsive tendencies were once debilitating struggles; they are now minor nuisances.

I will improve my Spanish

I worked a bit on my Spanish this year, but not as much as I had planned. My preferred method of study, watching cartoons in Spanish, was hindered by my laptop’s less-than-stellar DVD software. I’ll keep working on this one.

I will grow sideburns like the Tenth Doctor’s

The Tenth Doctor from Doctor Who boasted incomparable sideburns. Mine, though not as neat, weren’t bad. I consider this resolution kept, insofar as any mere mortal can keep an impossible resolution like equaling the majesty of the Tenth Doctor’s hairstyle.

I will take steps forward

I… sort of kept this resolution. I’m living in the same place, working the same job and generally living the same life, but I feel a good deal more assured and… well… grown up. For the moment, I believe I am exactly where I need to be.

So much for my old new year’s resolutions. What are my new new year’s resolutions? What are my plans for becoming a stronger, nicer, better person in 2014? Does anyone really care?

Find out next time!

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