Fifty Years of Doctor Who

Doctor Who, the British sci-fi television program, has been around for fifty years. That’s a long time for a television show to exist. Heck, that’s a long time for anything to exist.

The long-awaited Doctor Who fiftieth anniversary special airs this Saturday. (Awesomely, the premier for the newest season of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, for which I am unashamedly excited, airs on the same day.) The Doctor Who special promises homicidal aliens, majestic sideburns and answers to longstanding questions about the good Doctor.

Doctor Who is a wonderful show. The acting and writing are superb, and the premise is (as the Doctor himself would put it) absolutely fantastic. Simply put, Doctor Who is the tale of an eccentric, cheerful, cheeky traveler and the blue box in which he roams the whole of time and space. Storytelling opportunities are endless. After fifty years, Doctor Who continues to amaze.

In celebration of fifty years of quirky British science fiction, here’s an epic song about the not-quite inexorable passage of time. Enjoy!

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