137. A Note from the Typewriter Monkeys

This is Aquila, one of the hardworking monkeys whose diligence, skill and patience keep this blog alive, writing on behalf of the entire Typewriter Monkey Task Force.

Although the Boss was supposed to post on this blog today, he fell asleep on the floor a few hours ago. (I suppose it must be acknowledged that he had a tiring week, with seven consecutive overnight shifts at his job followed immediately by a two-day trip to visit relatives for Thanksgiving.) We tried waking him, but he only rolled over and mumbled incomprehensible phrases such as “Dodongo dislikes smoke” and “The cake is a lie.”

In his absence, the Typewriter Monkey Task Force would like to express our sincere hopes that the readers of this blog had a pleasant Thanksgiving, and to wish them many blessings in the final weeks of this year.

I would like to take this serendipitous opportunity to clear up a few misunderstandings. Contrary to suggestions made by our Boss in previous blog posts, members of the Typewriter Monkey Task Force are responsible, honest animals who work hard, accept instructions and absolutely never dream of breaking into the cupboards and refrigerator every week while the Boss is asleep to steal Oreo cookies and chocolate milk.

We also request for readers to post many comments on this blog petitioning our Boss to give us more bananas and higher salaries.

The Typewriter Monkey Task Force thanks you for reading this blog, and please do not forget about the bananas.


Aquila and the Typewriter Monkey Task Force

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