50. TMTF Announcements

Today is a day of renown and celebration, for TMTF has reached its fiftieth post. My typewriter monkeys wanted to celebrate with fireworks, but I sternly forbade them from doing any such thing. My monkeys are enough of a nuisance without pyrotechnics.

Today seems like a good day for a few announcements, disclaimers and miscellaneous statements.

TMTF is taking a short break

I recently read a post urging all bloggers of Earth to consider pausing their blogs for Christmas. It sounds like a great idea, especially since I should probably give my typewriter monkeys a break for the holiday. Regular updates will resume here at TMTF on Wednesday, December 28.

No animals were harmed in the production of this blog

Although I’ve often been tempted to give my typewriter monkeys a good smack, no animals have been harmed (so far) in the development of TMTF.

The Advent Conspiracy is still going strong

Some awesome people are saving lives this Christmas by supplying clean water to locales around the world. Check out my post about the Advent Conspiracy and consider donating or getting involved. Nothing brightens the holidays like saving lives, right?

Consider checking out the TMTF Archive

I’m going to be guilty of shameless self-promotion and suggest checking out past posts in the TMTF Archive. From writing tips to spiritual reflections to ramblings about squirrels, you’ll find all sorts of insightful, humorous or simply odd views about faith, writing, video games, literature, life, the universe and everything.

We really, really appreciate your support!

I can’t express enough gratitude and appreciation for the people who’ve supported TMTF by subscribing to the blog, giving it a shout out on Facebook or their own blogs, liking posts, leaving comments or writing guest posts. As Neil Gaiman observed, “writing is, like death, a lonely business,” and he forgot to mention how fatiguing it can be. (Writing, I mean, though death is probably pretty fatiguing too.) The support and encouragement of readers and other writers means a lot, and I thank you all from the bottom of my coffee-loving heart. My typewriter monkeys also appreciate the banana donations.

God loves you

I don’t mean to be preachy or Jesus-y, but I want you to know that God loves you. That’s what Christmas is about.

TMTF will return in a week and a half—assuming my typewriter monkeys aren’t arrested for misuse of pyrotechnics this Christmas. We’ll see.

Happy Christmas!

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